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I've been using Doxygen successfully to generate PDF documentation for a sizable Fortran 90 project since v1.6. After a recent upgrade to Doxygen 1.8, pdflatex is choking with an error I can't understand. From refman.log:

<use classfate__source_a022bf629bdc1d3059ebd5fb86d13b4f4_icgraph.pdf>
Package pdftex.def Info: classfate__source_a022bf629bdc1d3059ebd5fb86d13b4f4_ic
graph.pdf used on input line 607.
(pdftex.def)             Requested size: 350.0pt x 65.42921pt.
! Undefined control sequence.
<recently read> \LT@LL@FM@cr 

l.25 ...1833ffa6f2fae54ededb}{ia\-\_\-nsize}), \\*

? ?
Type <return> to proceed, S to scroll future error messages,
R to run without stopping, Q to run quietly,
I to insert something, E to edit your file,
1 or ... or 9 to ignore the next 1 to 9 tokens of input,
H for help, X to quit.

Looking at the first 25 lines of classm__aerosol.tex, nothing obviously matches the error message:

\hypertarget{classm__aerosol}{\section{m\-\_\-aerosol Module Reference}

Contains general aerosol-\/related constants and routines.  

\subsection*{Public Member Functions}
subroutine \hyperlink{classm__aerosol_aa06c1f39c6bd34f22be92d21535f0320}{aerdis} (I\-A\-E\-R\-O, M\-A\-E\-R\-O, V\-O\-L, A\-R\-E\-A, M\-U, T\-G\-A\-S, R\-H\-O, A\-G\-A\-M\-M\-A, X\-L\-A\-E\-R, D\-M\-E\-A\-N, N\-A\-E\-R, X\-N\-D\-A\-E\-R, L\-S\-D\-A\-E\-R)
\begin{DoxyCompactList}\small\item\em Return aerosol mass given a volume, based on aerosol size distribution function. \end{DoxyCompactList}\item 
real(kind=wp) function \hyperlink{classm__aerosol_a2dff4ff413057e8788fba7270a30c093}{lamsed} (V\-O\-L, H, M\-U\-G, R\-H\-O\-A\-E\-R, A\-G\-A\-M\-M\-A, A\-C\-H\-I, A\-F\-E\-O, K\-O, M\-A\-E\-R, F\-M\-A\-E\-R, F\-A\-E\-R\-S\-S, F\-S\-E\-D\-D\-K)
\begin{DoxyCompactList}\small\item\em Calculate aerosol removal constant and interpolation factor between steady-\/state and decaying aerosol correlations. \end{DoxyCompactList}\item 
pure real(kind=wp) function \hyperlink{classm__aerosol_a6d0a04004f49c404c67e0aa69dd39ee1}{fdbend} (V\-E\-L, H\-S\-E\-D, T\-G, R\-H\-O\-G, M\-U\-G, R\-H\-O\-P\-A\-R, C\-A\-E\-R\-O, X\-D\-B\-E\-N\-D, N90\-J)
\begin{DoxyCompactList}\small\item\em Find total impaction efficiency for aerosol deposition considering 90-\/degree bends in a flow path. \end{DoxyCompactList}\end{DoxyCompactItemize}
\subsection*{Public Attributes}
integer, parameter \hyperlink{classm__aerosol_a8f604b7ffe3c1833ffa6f2fae54ededb}{ia\-\_\-nsize} = 30
integer, parameter \hyperlink{classm__aerosol_ae71813ecf0c7768af9d6292efb14774f}{ia\-\_\-nmass} = 10
real(kind=wp), dimension(\hyperlink{classm__aerosol_a8f604b7ffe3c1833ffa6f2fae54ededb}{ia\-\_\-nsize}), \\*

Nothing obviously matches the recently read chunk "\LT@LL@FM@cr" and I don't know enough low-level TeX to translate that into something that might actually be in the source text.

Suspecting this might have been fixed in a later version of Doxygen than the one shipping with Linux Mint (v1.8.1.2), I built & installed v1.8.3.1 from source, updated my doxyfile, blew away the old documentation and regenerated it. I get the same baffling error.

There's nothing obvious in refman.log that would indicate missing or broken LaTeX packages and I'm completely at a loss as to what's causing this.

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Start with adding \errorcontextlines=9999 to the head of the TeX file and rerun TeX, then update the answer with the extended error message. But IMHO this should be addressed to the doxygen authors. –  Martin Schröder May 4 '13 at 13:21

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this will be difficult to solve unless you provide a bit more information - possibly using \errorcontextlines=9999 as suggested in the comments on the question.

as a first short though, the name of the control sequence that can't be found (i.e. \LT@LL@FM@cr) is one defined by the longtable package (documentation, p. 15) - thus adding:


to the preamble of the document might help.

If so, according to the doxygen documentation here, adding the following to your configuration file should do the trick:

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