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I'm looking for a simple HTML sanitizer written in JavaScript. It doesn't need to be 100% XSS secure.

I'm implementing Markdown and the WMD Markdown editor (The SO master branch from github) on my website. The problem is that the HTML shown in the live preview isn't filtered, like it here on SO. I am looking for a simple/quick HTML sanitizer written in JavaScript so that i can filter the contents of the preview window.

No need for a full parser with complete XSS protection. I'm not sending the output back to the server. I'm sending the Markdown to the server where I use a proper, full HTML sanitizer before I store the result in the database.

Google is being absolutely useless to me. I just get hundreds of (often incorrect) articles on how to filter out javascript from user generated HTML in all kinds of server-side languages.


I'll explain a bit better why I need this. My website has an editor very similar to the one here on StackOverflow. There's a text area to enter MarkDown syntax and a preview window below it that shows you how it will look like after you submitted it.

When the user submits something, it is sent to the server in MarkDown format. The server converts it to HTML and then runs a HTML sanitizer on it to clean up the HTML. MarkDown allows arbitrary HTML so I need to clean it up. For example, the user types something like this:


The MarkDown converter does not touch it since it's HTML. The HTML sanitizer will strip it so the script element is gone.

But this is not what happens in the preview window. The preview window only converts MarkDown to HTML but does not sanitize it. So, the preview window will have a script element.This means the preview window is different from the actual rendering on the server.

I want to fix this, so I need a quick-and-dirty JavaScript HTML sanitizer. Something simple with basic element/attribute blacklisting and whitelisting will do. It does not need to be XSS safe because XSS protection is done by the server-side HTML sanitizer.

This is just to make sure the preview window will match the actual rendering 99.99% of the time, which is good enough for me.

Can you help? Thanks in advance!

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FWIW, I hate it when the preview doesn't match what is published. – Ms2ger Oct 28 '09 at 15:34
@ms2ger: That's why I need the HTML sanitizer, so that the preview will match what the server does on the back-end. – Sander Marechal Oct 29 '09 at 12:09
isn't it a problem to allow would be attackers to test their attacks in their browser while you don't see any of their attempts ? – siukurnin Nov 29 '10 at 16:52
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You should have a look at the one recommended in this question

And just to be sure that you don't need to do more about XSS, please review the answers to this one

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Caja looks useful, but heavy. I'll have to test if it's fast enough. I doubt it though. I'm sure I am safe from XSS because the HTML I'm parsing is never sent to the server. I'm sending the original Markdown. The HTML I need to sanitize is just the preview and nobody except the user typing it will ever see it. – Sander Marechal Oct 29 '09 at 12:07

Here's how I did this: (This class just detects what non-allowed html tags exist, and generates a message for the user). It's not a 'sanitizer' but it's perfect for my needs. Hope it helps somebody else.

The ValContainer<> class is just my way of doing 'pass by reference' in Java, but that shouldn't confuse anyone about that I'm doing here.

BTW: you won't need that synchronize block in Javascript, but in pure java, you're not threadsafe without it.

import java.util.HashSet;


public class HtmlTagDetector {

private static Object createLock = new Object();
private static HtmlTagDetector instance;

/* list of tags that are not allowed and will trigger invalid=true */
public static final String[] killTagsArray = new String[] { "body", "html", "script", "object", "embed", "link", "style", "form",
        "input", "iframe" };

/* set is used for fast testing, without using regular expressions */
private static final HashSet<String> killTagsSet = Sets.newHashSet();

private HtmlTagDetector() {

public static HtmlTagDetector getInst() {
    synchronized (createLock) {
        if (instance == null) {
            instance = new HtmlTagDetector();
        return instance;

private void initKillTags() {
    for (String tag : killTagsArray) {

public enum State {

public boolean validate(String val, ValContainer<String> message) {

     * boost performance a bit by checking if there are not the possibility of any tags at all
    if (val.indexOf("<") == -1) return true;

    /* created lazily */
    StringBuilder sb = null;

     * also lazily, this set is only so we can avoid showing the user the same tag twice in the
     * message
    HashSet<String> badTags = null;

    State state = State.NORMAL;
    int tagStart = -1;

    boolean success = true;
    for (int i = 0; i < val.length(); i++) {
        char c = val.charAt(i);
        switch (c) {
        case '<':
            state = State.IN_BRACKET;

            boolean isLetter = Character.isLetter(c);
            boolean isDigit = Character.isDigit(c);

            if (state == State.IN_BRACKET && isLetter) {
                tagStart = i;
                state = State.IN_TAG_CHARS;
            else if (state == State.IN_TAG_CHARS && !isLetter && !isDigit) {
                String tag = val.substring(tagStart, i).toLowerCase();

                 * if we find an invalid tag return false, but first keep scanning, to collect
                 * any other bad tags to send back in error message
                if (killTagsSet.contains(tag)) {
                    success = false;

                    /* lazily init */
                    if (sb == null) {
                        sb = new StringBuilder();
                        sb.append("Html contains the following tags that are not allowed: <b>");

                    /* lazily init bad tags */
                    if (badTags == null) {
                        badTags = Sets.newHashSet();

                    /* append the bad tag to the message unless we already did */
                    if (!badTags.contains(tag)) {
                        if (badTags.size() > 1) {
                            sb.append(", ");

                state = State.NORMAL;

            /* break from default case */

    /* slightly ugly but here's where we close out the bold tag */
    if (sb!=null) {

    if (!success) {

    return success;


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seems like you did't read the question well 'javascript' !== 'java' – Dipesh Kc Mar 31 '14 at 12:04
Dipesh, I mentioned JavaScript in my last sentence. I posted the code because it provides information towards getting to a solution. Do you downvote everyone who provides good info, but just because it's not the exact answer? That also doesn't seem helpful to anyone. – Clay Ferguson Apr 1 '14 at 13:15

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