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I have to two C# files:

  1. EventDel.cs:

    public delegate void EventDel(DocdEvent event);
  2. HBE.cs which contains the next field:

    public  EventDel<ME> toCatchOne {get; set; }

It gives me the next error:

Delegate does not have type parameters.

How can I solve it?

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Remove the <ME> so it says public EventDel toCatchOne {get; set; } –  Matthew Watson May 4 '13 at 9:34

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Your delegate does not appear to be generic, try this inside HBE.cs:

public  EventDel toCatchOne {get; set; }

Or this inside EventDel.cs:

public delegate void EventDel<HBE>(DocdEvent event);
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EventDel and EventDel<T> are two entierly different types. They are not compatible. In your case EventDel only accepts one parameter of type DocdEvent. And the type EventDel<ME> only accepts a parameter of type ME (whatever that is).

To make your code work, try:

public  EventDel<ME> toCatchOne {get; set; }

has to be converted into:

public  EventDel toCatchOne {get; set; }

Or modify your first delegate:

public delegate void EventDel(DocdEvent event);


public delegate void EventDel(ME event);

In the last case, you are still using two different type of delegates, but if you want to convert one delegate into another, use the constructor:

EventDel d1 = ...;
EventDel<ME> d2 = new EventDel<ME>(d1);
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