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I have a text box containing my balance and another text box I want to show the balance in euros. When I click the convert button I want it to be able to convert sterling to euro.

So how do I get my balance to display in streling and how do I get it to convert to euro?

Any example code would be great or even direct me to a site that will teach me this.

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What hasn't worked for you so far and what's the currency exchange rate you're using? – keyboardP May 4 '13 at 11:58
Yea this is really just a matter of getting an exchange rate either by some webapi or just hard coding it. – Nomad101 May 4 '13 at 11:58
This is not how StackOverflow works. You have to try to do something yourself and when you get stuck come here and ask specific question. – Leri May 4 '13 at 11:59
Exchange rates are volatile. You'll need to contact an external service to get the current rate. xe.com offers an API. – Danny Beckett May 4 '13 at 11:59

The European Central Bank (ECB) provides the currency exchange rates on a daily basis in XML format

link for currency rates is here

use webrequest to save this xml and write your wrapper class to do the conversion

and if you want use xe.com use this link, it has three parameters 1.amount to convert, 2. from currency and 3. to currency

output of that link is

   <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="must-revalidate" forua="true"/>
   <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache" forua="true"/>
  <card  title="XE Converter">
   <p mode="wrap" align="center">
    XE Converter
   <p mode="nowrap" align="left">100 SGD =</p>
   <p mode="wrap" align="right">18,287.95 HUF</p>
   <p mode="wrap" align="center">
     Live @ 12:07 GMT
   <p mode="nowrap" align="left">
    <a href="step1.wml">Another?</a><br/>
    <a href="http://www.xe.com/wap/index.wml">XE Home</a>

again use webrequest class and get the output and parse that xml

sample is here

    HttpWebRequest myHttpWebRequest = null;     //Declare an HTTP-specific implementation of the WebRequest class.
        HttpWebResponse myHttpWebResponse = null;   //Declare an HTTP-specific implementation of the WebResponse class
        XmlDocument myXMLDocument = null;           //Declare XMLResponse document
        XmlTextReader myXMLReader = null;           //Declare XMLReader

            //Create Request
            myHttpWebRequest = (HttpWebRequest)HttpWebRequest.Create("http://www.xe.com/wap/2co/convert.cgi?Amount=100&From=SGD&To=HUF");
            myHttpWebRequest.Method = "GET";
            myHttpWebRequest.ContentType = "text/xml; encoding='utf-8'";

            //Get Response
            myHttpWebResponse = (HttpWebResponse)myHttpWebRequest.GetResponse();

            //Now load the XML Document
            myXMLDocument = new XmlDocument();

            //Load response stream into XMLReader
            myXMLReader = new XmlTextReader(myHttpWebResponse.GetResponseStream());
        catch (Exception myException)
            throw  myException;
            myHttpWebRequest = null;
            myHttpWebResponse = null;
            myXMLReader = null;
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