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I am using VS2010, C++/CLR WindowsFormsApplication. I want to raise RunWorkerComplete event using BackGroundWorker->OnRunWorkerComple method

while (progressBar1->Value != progressBar1->Maximum)
    progressBar1->Value = ParentForm1->ImportedData[ComboBoxSelectedItemID]->ProgressStatus; 

The thing is that in backgroundworker1 I start some time-consuming operation. And while BGW isBusy progressbar is cheking value of int Variable ProgressStatus. But the problem is that RunWorkerCompleted doesn't raise. So how can I raise it in DoWork?

private: System::Void backgroundWorker1_DoWork(System::Object^  sender, System::ComponentModel::DoWorkEventArgs^  e) 
    //how to raise RunWorkerCompleted here??? 
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This is called "deadlock". The RunWorkerCompleted event handler cannot be called until the UI thread goes idle. It isn't idle, it is stuck in that loop you wrote. Burning 100% core no less. The point of using BGW is to not get your UI thread code stuck in a loop and stop responding to paint and input request. You will have to remove that loop, use the ProgressChanged event instead. –  Hans Passant May 4 '13 at 13:05
So I cant raise RunWorkerComple event inside DoWork ??? my ScaleArray function doesn't return any value, so I cant use report progress for BWG1. –  Demaunt May 4 '13 at 14:52

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