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i am trying to add a event handler to the textboxes in a grid so that i'v written the code below--->

// some code
foreach (var child in (o as Grid).Children)
   if (child.GetType() == typeof(TextBox))
    child.AddHandler(OnGotFocus, new RoutedEventHandler(TextBox_GotFocus), true); //<---error                            

in above code i want to add an event handler for onFocus for all child TextBoxes.

but its getting some error here about invalid arguments, can any one fix this?

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What is the exact error message? – nemesv May 4 '13 at 12:50

solved the problem--->

txtBox.GotFocus += (sender, eargs) =>
                                    if (txtBox.Text == StartingText[index])
                                        txtBox.Text = "";

txtBox.LostFocus += (sender, eargs) =>
                                    if (txtBox.Text == "")
                                        txtBox.Text = StartingText[index];
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