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I have a (html) page with an image gallery (all images together) and one separate image.

I put all the images from the image gallery in a

<div id="imageGallery">

I put the separate image in a

<div id="separateImage">

and I have javascript

$('#imageGallery a').fancybox();
$('#separateImage a').fancybox();

Fancybox works fine on both, the image gallery and the separate image. I can cycle through the image gallery, however, the separate image is not part of the cycle. How can I make it so that it cycles through all the images: those from the image gallery and the separate image?

I tried adding


to the anchors as explained at https://www.inkling.com/read/javascript-jquery-david-sawyer-mcfarland-2nd/chapter-7/advanced-gallery-with-jquery

but apparently this only works if all images are in the same div (id)!?

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what version of fancybox? –  JFK May 4 '13 at 19:21

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The issue is that you are binding fancybox to two different selectors :

$('#imageGallery a') and $('#separateImage a') but in order to make a gallery, all elements whether they are within the same div or not, need to use the same selector (fancybox v2.x)

So without having to hard-code manually each element of each separated div, you could do :

$("#imageGallery a, #separateImage a")
    .attr("rel", "gallery")
       //API options
       padding: 8 // example

Now all elements regardless their position share the same class and rel attribute.


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