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I was trying to parallelize a Fortran program using MPI. I use CMake to do the build of my program. It was difficult to find support on getting CMake to create a working makefile for Fortran with MPI support on google, but from what I could gather, I added the following commands to my CMakeLists.txt script:

find_package(MPI REQUIRED)

This will locate MPI on my system and then set the variables found in the following three commands. In my linking line, I added the MPI libraries variable to the list of the other libraries that my program needed to build.

target_link_libraries(${exe_name} otherlibs ${MPI_FortranLIBRARY_DIRS})

Doing cmake and then make worked to build the program and the program ran; however, when I tried to add more to the source which required me to include the mpif.h include file, my compilation failed due to not being able to find this header file. I also could not use mpi because the compiler cannot find the mpi.mod file in the path.

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I inserted "message" commands into my CMakeLists.txt file and printed out the values of the variables that I was using for including and linking. It turns out that the variables, MPI_Fortran_INCLUDE_DIRS and MPI_FortranLIBRARY_DIRS weren't set to anything. A check of the module that CMake is actually using to set these variables (FindMPI.cmake) showed these variables to be non-existent. I changed my CMakeLists.txt file to use the correct variables:

find_package(MPI REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(${exe_name} otherlibs ${MPI_Fortran_LIBRARIES})

Now when I execute make, the compiler could find both mpif.h as well as mpi.mod.


I want to mention that this solution worked for cmake version When I moved my CMakeLists.txt scripts to a different machine that has cmake version 2.8.4, I get the same error about mpi.mod missing during the link stage. I checked the FindMPI.cmake module and, sure enough, there are no variables that specify the language (i.e. there is no MPI_Fortran_LIBRARIES variable, just a MPI_LIBRARIES variable, and this variable is not getting set to the correct location of the mpi library on that system. So this solution will be dependent on cmake version.

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Sounds like you are not using the mpi compiler. That is fine, but you have to add a lot of flags then. There is not really an mpi compiler but a wrapper that sets the flags to be able to use mpi. With cmake I was able to do this by defining the fortran compiler I was going to use BEFORE the call to cmake. It's not a nice solution since you loose portability, but it works. I'm trying to find a better solution and define inside cmake what compiler to use, but have not been able to do so. In other words, this works for me:

    FC=mpif90 cmake ../.

I was having the same problem as you. Hope this solves the issue. If anybody finds how to define the fortran compiler INSIDE cmake please post it!

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as you've already noticed, you misspelled the name of two variables, namely MPI_Fortran_LIBRARIES and MPI_Fortran_LIBRARIES

It is useful also to add:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.10)

at the very beginning of your CMake to be sure that these variables will be defined.

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