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I'm trying to write R package bibtex entries to a text file, but I get an error:

pkgs <- unique(installed.packages()[,1])
bibs <- lapply(pkgs, function(x) try(citation(x)))
lapply(bibs, write, "bibs.txt", append=TRUE, ncolumns=1000)

Error in cat(list(...), file, sep, fill, labels, append) : 
  argument 1 (type 'list') cannot be handled by 'cat'

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you even try using write on a single entry that was output from citation? –  Dason May 4 '13 at 15:12

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The output of citation is a list so the error makes sense. You can use toBibtex to get into a format that is more easily handled by write

pkgs <- unique(installed.packages()[,1])
bibs <- lapply(pkgs, function(x) try(toBibtex(citation(x))))
lapply(bibs, write, "bibs.txt", append=TRUE, ncolumns=1000)
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