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I have the following code:

            switch (entityType) {
                case "Exam":
                    entityId = formData.examId;
                    idColumn = 'examId';
                case "Subject":
                    entityId = formData.subjectId;
                    idColumn = 'subjectId';

It's repeated more times than this but I am just showing two case values here. I believe it's possible to get the values for idColumn by getting the lowercase of entityType and adding Id. But is there a way I could extract the value in formData for the field based on entityType without having to manually code this many times.

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You can replace the whole with

  idColumn = entityType.toLowerCase()+'Id';
  entityId = formData[idColumn];

I'd suggest you to read MDN's Working with Objects.

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Don't forget entityType.charAt(0).toLowerCase() + entityType.slice(1); –  Steven Wexler May 4 '13 at 15:20

You can get it as:

entityId = formData[entityType.toLowerCase()+'Id'];
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Of course there is! You can use an object just like an array:

idColumn = entityType.toLowerCase() + "Id";
entityId = formData[idColumn];
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You can prepare a map and then access the fields directly.


var map = {
    'Exam': 'examId',
    'Subject': 'subjectId'

if (map[entityType]) {
    entityId = formData[map[entityType]];
    idColumn = map[entityType]; 
else {
    // error handling
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