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I need a little help.

I don't know javascript and i have a small problem (i guess) with the rating system from my site.

The rating system is this: http://masugadesign.com/software/unobtrusive-ajax-star-rating-bar/ (Unobtrusive AJAX Star Rating Bar) - the developer of this don't give support now, it's an old script, but it's very good (works great with mysql and PHP)

I've searched in Google for some answer but nothing, and i think it's about XMLHttpRequest... in IE10 it's interpreted a little bit different than it's made when IE10 doesn't "born".

Bellow is the code from rating.js and i guess the problem comes from "var xmlhttp". Here something it's not good for IE10 and I don't know what can be.

PS: In Firefox, Safari, Maxthon and Chrome works perfectly, but in IE10 and Opera 12 won't work at all. The the values doesn't record in database. In fact when you click on it, nothing happen.

bellow is the rating.js file:

    var xmlhttp
/*@cc_on @*/
/*@if (@_jscript_version >= 5)
  try {
  xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")
 } catch (e) {
  try {
    xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
  } catch (E) {
@end @*/
if (!xmlhttp && typeof XMLHttpRequest!='undefined') {
 try {
  xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
 } catch (e) {
function myXMLHttpRequest() {
  var xmlhttplocal;
  try {
    xmlhttplocal= new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")
 } catch (e) {
  try {
    xmlhttplocal= new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
  } catch (E) {

if (!xmlhttplocal && typeof XMLHttpRequest!='undefined') {
 try {
  var xmlhttplocal = new XMLHttpRequest();
 } catch (e) {
  var xmlhttplocal=false;
  alert('couldn\'t create xmlhttp object');

function sndReq(vote,id_num,ip_num,units) {
var theUL = document.getElementById('unit_ul'+id_num);

theUL.innerHTML = '<div class="loading"></div>';

xmlhttp.open('get', webPath + 'rpc.php?j='+vote+'&q='+id_num+'&t='+ip_num+'&c='+units);
xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = handleResponse;

function handleResponse() {
if(xmlhttp.readyState == 4){
    if (xmlhttp.status == 200){

    var response = xmlhttp.responseText;
    var update = new Array();

    if(response.indexOf('|') != -1) {
        update = response.split('|');
        changeText(update[0], update[1]);

function changeText( div2show, text ) {
// Detect Browser
var IE = (document.all) ? 1 : 0;
var DOM = 0; 
if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >=5) {DOM=1};

// Grab the content from the requested "div" and show it in the "container"
if (DOM) {
    var viewer = document.getElementById(div2show);
    viewer.innerHTML = text;
}  else if(IE) {
    document.all[div2show].innerHTML = text;

var ratingAction = {
    'a.rater' : function(element){
        element.onclick = function(){

        var parameterString = this.href.replace(/.*\?(.*)/, "$1"); // onclick="sndReq('j=1&q=2&t=');
        var parameterTokens = parameterString.split("&"); // onclick="sndReq('j=1,q=2,t=,c=5');
        var parameterList = new Array();

        for (j = 0; j < parameterTokens.length; j++) {
            var parameterName = parameterTokens[j].replace(/(.*)=.*/, "$1"); // j
            var parameterValue = parameterTokens[j].replace(/.*=(.*)/, "$1"); // 1
            parameterList[parameterName] = parameterValue;
        var theratingID = parameterList['q'];
        var theVote = parameterList['j'];
        var theuserIP = parameterList['t'];
        var theunits = parameterList['c'];
        this.href = '';
        //for testing   alert('sndReq('+theVote+','+theratingID+','+theuserIP+','+theunits+')'); return false;
        return false;       


That's the html code from browser:

<div class="ratingblock nonstatic"><div id="unit_long12346"><ul id="unit_ul12346" class="unit-rating" style="width:125px;"><li class="current-rating" style="width:90px;" itemprop="ratingValue">3.60/<span>5</span></li><li><a href="#" rel="j=1&amp;q=12346&amp;t=;c=5" title="1 out of 5" class="r1-unit rater" rel="nofollow">1</a></li><li><a href="#" rel="j=2&amp;q=12346&amp;t=;c=5" title="2 out of 5" class="r2-unit rater" rel="nofollow">2</a></li><li><a href="#" rel="j=3&amp;q=12346&amp;t=;c=5" title="3 out of 5" class="r3-unit rater" rel="nofollow">3</a></li><li><a href="#" rel="j=4&amp;q=12346&amp;t=;c=5" title="4 out of 5" class="r4-unit rater" rel="nofollow">4</a></li><li><a href="#" rel="j=5&amp;q=12346&amp;t=;c=5" title="5 out of 5" class="r5-unit rater" rel="nofollow">5</a></li></ul><p>(5 votes)</p></div></div></span></div>

Any clue what is necessary to be changed in the script file to work with IE10 an opera?

Thank you.

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I just ran IE for the first time in 3 months.

enter image description here

Works fine and there are no problems client or server side.

To setup this, open _config-rating.php and change these settings.

$rating_dbhost        = 'localhost';
$rating_dbuser        = 'root';
$rating_dbpass        = 'PASS_HERE';
$rating_dbname        = 'DB_HERE';
$rating_tableName     = 'ratings';
$rating_path_db       = '';
$rating_path_rpc      = '';

Now go into your database and insert this:

CREATE TABLE `ratings` (
  `id` varchar(11) NOT NULL,
  `total_votes` int(11) NOT NULL default 0,
  `total_value` int(11) NOT NULL default 0,
  `used_ips` longtext,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)

Works fine on all browsers and it is unobtrusive if I may say so for myself.

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it's not working. try here hdwallpapers.in/aviation_in_france-wallpapers.html with ie10 and then with firefox, chrome, safari ... and tell me if you see what i wanna tell :) –  owner May 4 '13 at 17:13
So when you try to click on a star, the vote doesn't register? When you refresh the page, does it show the votes? –  Dave Chen May 4 '13 at 17:15
no, it doesn't register look at the link that i posted above –  owner May 4 '13 at 17:16
You are only able to cast one vote, perhaps it's by IP. –  Dave Chen May 4 '13 at 17:16
of course, you can vote once. try on any link from the site to see the difference between ff or chrome and ie10. if you use ie10 you can't vote not even once –  owner May 4 '13 at 17:16
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