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I apologise in advance for asking this, I was kindly provided with some code to draw a rounded corner rectangle progress bar which was great:

I need to reverse the drawing of the rectangle but I can't for the life of me manage it

I tried changing the points at which the 4 lines and 4 corners are drawn so it starts with the top left corner but I'm making a total mess of it:

    var startT = 0;
    var startTR = horizLineLength;
    var startR = startTR + cornerLength;
    var startBR = startR + vertLineLength;
    var startB = startBR + cornerLength;
    var startBL = startB + horizLineLength;
    var startL = startBL + cornerLength;
    var startTL = startL + vertLineLength;


var startTL = 0;
var startL = startTL + cornerLength;
var startBL = startL + vertLineLength;
var startB = startBL + cornerLength;
var startBR = startB + horizLineLength;
var startR = startBR + cornerLength;
var startTR = startR + vertLineLength;
var startT = startTR = cornerLength;

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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Instead of this:


Do this:

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