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I'm trying to set up my Gitolite permissions but I'm not really sure how to use the - thing.

Situation: I have two groups; @gatekeepers and @devs. I want both groups to be able to work in all remote branches except the master branch. They are supposed to be able to pull the master branch though.

So far I have this, but I'm positive that it doesn't work:

repo foo
    - master = @devs @gatekeepers
    RW+     = @devs @gatekeepers

If I understand it correctly, this disallow the groups from doing anything at all (reading or writing) to the master branch.

What is the way to do this properly?

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For the stated purpose (which IIUC is disallow push to master), the original code in the question is fine; it does indeed prevent push to master to both groups mentioned.

Adding the deny-rules option makes it so no one can even clone.

Recap: the deny-rules option makes it so that deny rules are honored for the pre-git access check also. This means, (as the doc says), refexes are ignored -- in fact you don't even know what ref will be pushed, even if it is a push operation.

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That seems to be written in Sitaram Chamarty's style (creator of gitolite), so +1 (and I deleted my own answer). Note that you can write to Stack Exchange to ask them to merge this "sitaram" account with your original one (stackoverflow.com/users/1925116/sitaram). –  VonC May 6 '13 at 5:19

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