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This is my 1st time coding ruby, first time writing a method. I come from a Pascal & C background (Ansi C).. I am modifying code from a very simple scraper I found to get my bitcoin mining data from several sites. (I know, hpricot, I am looking into it. But this is simple & should work as well) I am having trouble debugging the 4 lines which will find search_str in the http body response, and parse out the value that starts chars_until later and is str_len long. I then want to return the str_value I parsed. It was working until I made it a method, not sure what I am doing wrong, any hints or tips would be much appreciated!

Interpreter error is as follows:

r1b.ruby:15: syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting ')'

Line 15 should be the line assigning a value to str_value. It is looking for a previous ) but it seems that my limit = subset.index('<') is closed properly, and works in the lower commented text. Any ideas?


require 'net/http'

host = "mmpool.bitparking.com"
link = "/user/nopenope"

def bodysearch(tresp, search_str, chars_until, str_len)

  stroffset = tresp.body =~ /#{search_str}/      
  subset = tresp.body.slice(stroffset+#{chars_until}, #{str_len})  
  limit = subset.index('<')
  str_value = subset[0..limit-1]

return str_value


  # Create a new HTTP connection
  httpCon = Net::HTTP.new( host , 80 )

  # Perform a HEAD request
  resp = httpCon.get( link, nil )

#  print resp.body
  print "\n\n"

##  WORKS ...................
#  tresp = resp
#  stroffset = tresp.body =~ /second/           # strip body until we find  "second"
#  subset = tresp.body.slice(stroffset+16, 10)  # strip "second</td><td>" from the rest of the body to get the value
#  limit = subset.index('<')                    # find next "<"
#  btc_hashrate = subset[0..limit-1]            # grab the value for variable
#  print btc_hashrate + "\n"

  btc_hashrate = bodysearch resp, "second", 16, 10
  print btc_hashrate + "\n"

  btc_round_duration = bodysearch resp, "Round Duration", 23, 14
  print btc_round_duration + "\n"

  print "\n\n"
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The error is at the line 14:

subset = tresp.body.slice(stroffset+#{chars_until}, #{str_len})

#{} is a construct for Ruby expression substitutions inside some strings/regexps/symbols/array literals, so it doesn't have sense outside them, and since it begins with a #, it comments out the rest of the line. Try this:

subset = tresp.body.slice(stroffset+chars_until, str_len)

Here some expression substitution examples:

hello = "hello!"

# Strings
"#{hello}"    #=> "hello!"
%Q(#{hello})  #=> "hello!"

# Regexps
/#{hello}/    #=> /hello!/
%r(#{hello})  #=> /hello!/

# Arrays of strings
%W(#{hello} #{hello})  #=> ["hello!", "hello!"]

# Arrays of symbols (Ruby >= 2.0)
%I(#{hello} #{hello})  #=> [:hello!, :hello!]
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Ahh. Makes perfect sense. The example passing variables I saw was all inside string literals, working perfectly now. Thanks! –  user2350183 May 4 '13 at 17:01

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