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I want to ask a question, but I will first show my files

<a href="cloudje:firefox">Open firefox</a>

My .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/cloudjerun -c gedit
Comment[en_US]=Small, easy-to-use program to access iTunesU media
Comment=Small, easy-to-use program to access iTunesU media
Comment[en_US.utf8]=Small, easy-to-use program to access iTunesU media


Ok, this is cool. The .desktop file will be placed in /usr/share/applications. If you execute the command 'xdg-open cloudje:firefox' or something like 'xdg-open cloudje:example', it will always execute gedit using a Python script named 'cloudjerun'. How can I execute firefox using the command 'xdg-open cloudje:firefox'?

Do I need to replace 'Exec=/usr/bin/cloudjerun -c gedit' to 'Exec=/usr/bin/cloudjerun -c %U' or 'Exec=/usr/bin/cloudjerun -c %s' or something?

Thanks, Amanush.

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The Tutorial link is no more working. – Omkar Oct 20 '14 at 10:37

In a desktop file following parameters are possible for Exec

Add...  Accepts...
%f      a single filename.
%F      multiple filenames.
%u      a single URL.
%U      multiple URLs.
%d      a single directory. Used in conjunction with %f to locate a file.
%D      multiple directories. Used in conjunction with %F to locate files.
%n      a single filename without a path.
%N      multiple filenames without paths.
%k      a URI or local filename of the location of the desktop file.
%v      the name of the Device entry.

So in your case you can adjust your Exec entry as you described to the following:

Exec=/usr/bin/cloudjerun -c %u

Note though that %u is the complete uri so e.g. when you run xdg-open cloudje:firefox %u will be cloudje:firefox. Easiest I assume is to adjust the cloudjerun python script removing the first part of the uri before running it.

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If I was still working at the company I made this for, you would be helping me a lot! WebSockets were my solution! – Stephan Meijer Nov 24 '13 at 15:49

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