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I´m trying to display a list that constains objets of a bean. I´m using iterator tag to display the list

<s:iterator value="lInfTaq" var="res">
    <td><s:property value="#res.numEjercicio"/></td>
    <td><s:property value="#res.numOKs()"/></td>
    <td><s:property value="#res.numKOs"/></td>

public class TaquitoscopioAction extends ActionSupport{
 /* . . . */
List <InformeTaquitoscopio> lInfTaq;
/* Filled the list */

public class InformeTaquitoscopio {
private String numEjercicio;
private String numOKs;
private String numKOs;
public InformeTaquitoscopio() {
  // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
public InformeTaquitoscopio(String numEjercicio, String numOKs, String numKOs) {
this.numEjercicio = numEjercicio;
this.numOKs = numOKs;
this.numKOs = numKOs;
/*getters and setters*/

But the jsp doesn´t display anything. Whats wrong?

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The JSP will display something if you put it there, if you didn't so what do you want? –  Roman C May 5 '13 at 18:09

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InformeTaquitoscopio must have getters for: numEjercicio, numOKs, numKOs or make the properties public. The action requires a getter for lInfTaq or that the property be public.

Then the following should work:

<s:iterator value="lInfTaq">
    <td><s:property value="numEjercicio"/></td>
    <td><s:property value="numOKs"/></td>
    <td><s:property value="numKOs"/></td>

Just personally speaking but I tend not to like var attributes on struts2 tags. It tell me that you are going to be covering a variable or moving it into another scope. If you are not nesting iterators you generally shouldn't need a var attribute on an iterator. It certainly is easier on the eyes this way. Assuming you understand you're working with a stack, which is pretty fundamental to struts2.

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Thanks Quaternion!! I had created all the getters and setters of other variables and also thought he had done of the array. To verify this I found that they were created, and it works. Roman C, obviously the arrayList contained results and I checked debugging, I omitted the code which filled the arrayList to focus my questions on displaying the content. –  user2213180 May 14 '13 at 17:45
If this is resolved mark the answer with the check mark. –  Quaternion May 14 '13 at 19:40

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