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I am building an MILP constraint system. Following is the constraint I need to build.

floor(a-b) <= 2c - 1 

Here, a and b are real-valued. c is integer variable. I need the floor function to be able to assign appropriate values to the variables. How do I add this constraint in Gurobi? Any help appreciated.

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I might be missing something, but would it not be sufficient to require that a - b <= 2c? –  Anders Gustafsson May 5 '13 at 15:27
No, the problem is, I need c to be assigned 1 if a>=b. Otherwise assigned 0 –  user592748 May 5 '13 at 16:25

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Assume that a is bounded by the constant MaxA and similarilily let b <= MaxB. Then, use the inequalities

(1): a < b + c*MaxA

(2): b <= a + (1-c)*MaxB.

Let a>=b, thus (1) implies c=1, and (2) is trivially satisfied, independent on c. Otherwise, assume a is less than b , now (2) implies c=0 and (1) becomes trivial. (You should skip (2), if you just want to assure that a>=b implies c=1, and do not care for c otherwise.)

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