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I want to create a file in which I can add Persons to a PersonList including a counter that makes sure that the capacity of the PersonList is not exceeded. I commented all the functions to make clear what task(s) they should perform.

During compilation I get the following error:

invalid use of non-static data member 'PersonList::m_Capacity'

Unfortunately I cannot figure out what's wrong in the code:


#include <iostream>
#include "Person.h"
#include "PersonList.h"

int main()

    Person p1 = Person("John", 21);
    Person p2 = Person("Elham", 19);
    PersonList p_list = PersonList();


    std::cout << p_list.get_Size() << std::endl;
    Person p = p_list.get(0);
    std::cout << p.get_Name() << " " << p.get_Age() << std::endl;

    return 0;


#ifndef PERSON_H
#define PERSON_H

class Person
        Person(std::string Name, int Age);

        void set_Name(std::string name);
        void set_Age(int age);
        std::string get_Name();
        int get_Age();

        std::string m_Name;
        int m_Age;

#endif // PERSON_H


#include <string>
#include "Person.h"


Person::Person(std::string Name, int Age){
// pre:  0 <= Age
// post: m_Name, if pre Name (is true) Age = m_Age,
//       otherwise age = -1


    if (0 <= Age){





void Person::set_Name(std::string Name){
// post: m_Name = Name

    m_Name = Name;

void Person::set_Age(int Age){
// pre:  0 <= Age
// post: if pre Age (is true) = m_Age, otherwise m_Age = -1;

    if (0 <= Age){

        m_Age = Age;

    else set_Age(-1);

std::string Person::get_Name(){
// post: returns name

    return m_Name;

int Person::get_Age(){
// post: returns age

    return m_Age;



class PersonList

        void add(Person p);
        void set_Size(int Size);
        int get(int index);
        int get_Size();

        const int m_Capacity;
        const Person m_Empty;
        Person m_Data[m_Capacity];
        int m_Size;


#endif // PERSONLIST_H


#include "Person.h"
#include "PersonList.h"

m_Capacity(10), m_Empty(Person())
// post: has created a new PersonList-object with
//      CAPACITY elements and size = 0


void PersonList::add(Person p){
// pre:  size < CAPACITY
// post: if pre (is true) p has been stored at the
//      first empty location. size was incremented.

    if (m_Size < m_Capacity){

        m_Data[m_Size] = p;


void set_Size(int Size){

    m_Size = Size;

int PersonList::get(int index){
// pre:  0 <= index && index < size
// post: if pre returns data[index] otherwise returns EMPTY

    if (0 <= index && index < m_Size){

        return m_Data[index];


        return m_EMPTY;

int PersonList::get_Size(){
// post returns size;

    return m_Size;

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C++ does not support variable length arrays (VLAs), which is what you have here:

Person m_Data[m_Capacity];

For this to work, m_Capacity must be a compile time constant.

Besides that, you have a syntax error in your default constructor, where a : is required to indicate an initialization list:

PersonList::PersonList() : m_Capacity(10), m_Empty(Person()) { .... }
//                       ^ Here!
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m_Capacity is already a constant. – Zasz May 4 '13 at 16:58
@Zasz It is constant for each PersonList instance, but it is not a compile time constant. – juanchopanza May 4 '13 at 16:59
@juanchopanza Can you also tell me what exactly a compile time constant is, and why the const int in my code is not such a constant? – Pietair May 4 '13 at 18:14
@Pietair a compile time constant is known at compile time, for example const int i = 42. This particulat i is 42 and the compiler can replace all occurrences of that i by the value 42. Your const data members cannot be changed once they are initialized, but each instance of Person has a value of m_Capacity that can be set at run time. – juanchopanza May 5 '13 at 8:50

The constructor and the initialization list has to be separated by a colon. Like this

PersonList::PersonList() : m_Capacity(10), m_Empty(Person())
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