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I'm trying to draw a plot (in R or gnuplot) where the x axis represent a single sample and the y axis is segmented to represented different portions of time. Each line segment (or box) would be coloured depending on a third variable (yes, no, or unknown)

SampleID   y1    y1(answer) y2        y2(answer)  y3      y3(answer) 
Sample 1   0-50  yes        51-60     no          61-85   yes
Sample 2   0-40  yes        41-60     no          61-86   no
Sample 3   0-45  unknown    46-69     yes         70-85   unknown

where colour for yes=green, no=red; and unknown=grey

Can anyone suggest a solution? I keep running in to the same problem, which is that assigning colour based on a third variable for a segment causes difficulty.

Some other forum users seem to be running in to the same problem but as yet I haven't seen an easy workaround. Most suggest doing multiple plots and overlaying them. I wonder if there is some way of rethinking the problem, or reformatting the data that might help?

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I'm not sure what you mean, but this was my best guess. (Actually I guess you want to flip the x and y axes, but this should give you a good start.)


dd <- read.table(text="
SampleID   y1    y1(answer) y2        y2(answer)  y3      y3(answer) 
Sample_1   0-50  yes        51-60     no          61-85   yes
Sample_2   0-40  yes        41-60     no          61-86   no
Sample_3   0-45  unknown    46-69     yes         70-85   unknown",

Rearrange data to long format:

dd2 <- melt(dd,id.var=1)
dd2 <- transform(dd2,
dd2 <- subset(dd2,select=-variable)
dd3 <- dcast(dd2,SampleID+var2~type)
dd3 <- transform(dd3,start=as.numeric(str_extract(range,"^[0-9]+")),



You could probably do the last bit with segments() as well.

enter image description here

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Thanks, that is a great help. – Heidi Eager May 4 '13 at 18:54

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