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I want to learn about webapps. I decided to learn by doing and chose to start simple with Camping as (i). it is small & (ii). i know some ruby.

The favicon is not showing. I am using a favicon taken from another site so it know its file format is valid.

Here is the code from the controller.

  class Favicon < R '/favicon\.ico'
    # Load the favicon into memory
    FAVICON ='favicon.ico')
    def get
      @headers['Content-Type'] = "image/x-icon"

Here is the code from the view: I purposely placed a link to the favicon twice as an experiment. No joy.

def layout

html do 
  head do
    title 'Custom Made Kameez'
    link :rel => 'icon', :href => 'favicon.ico', :type => 'image/x-icon' 
    link :rel => 'shortcut icon', :href => 'favicon.ico', :type => 'image/x-icon'
    link :rel => 'stylesheet', :type => 'text/css', :href => '/styles.css', :media => 'screen'        

I have tried clearing my cache and using Firefox and IE, same issue.

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Two problems as far as I can see.

You should use an absolute path to the favicon:

link :rel => 'icon', :href => '/favicon.ico', :type => 'image/x-icon'

You should read the file as binary:

FAVICON = File.binread('favicon.ico')
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Reading the file .binread was the solution. Thanks! –  Imran Nazir May 4 '13 at 18:46

I took your code and it worked just fine, and that was before I uncommented the link directives: browsers are just really keen to go get /favicon.ico . Is your problem the fact that your favicon never showed in the first place, or that your original favicon is now stubbornly refusing to change?

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I used the above solution and I also restarted the browser. That seemed to do the trick. Thanks! –  Imran Nazir May 4 '13 at 18:47

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