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I have a website with some pages, presented in a normal menu. Every page has subpages and shows them in a submenu. Except one page. This page has no subpages and should have a content menu which navigates to different content sections on the page. The thing with the content navigation is done with:

temp.contentnav = CONTENT
temp.contentnav {
  table = tt_content
  select {
    pidInList = 7
    orderBy = sorting
    where = colPos=0

  renderObj = TEXT
  renderObj {
    field = header
    wrap= <li>|</li>

    typolink.ATagParams = class="linkSubpage"

  wrap = <ul id="subMenu"> | </ul>

page.10.marks.MENU.2a.NO.after.cObject < temp.contentnav

but this works only if the page has at least one subpage. The workaround would be to add a subpage and hide the submenulink, but is there a better solution to show the custom submenu without adding subpages?

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I do not understand why you put the contentNav into the MENU object at all. Perhaps a bit more context would be helpful – adhominem May 13 '13 at 14:09
because I want it to appear like a submenu. It should have a rollover effect and should be visible if the site is the actual site. I thought the menu behavior is easier to implement, if it is in the menu. – SPie May 20 '13 at 14:54

Use a HMENU item with the levels to generate your submenu. Your behavior is not the right one in the TYPO3 working style. Use the rights TypoScript objects.

And remove the "a" from the "page.10.marks.MENU.2a.NO". The correct use is 1,2,3,...

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