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I'm in a process of creating a batch file to list names of all SQL scripts in a folder to a text file. My plan to convert this text file to a batch file so that I can use it to execute the scripts in the server. So I would like to have the following string appended before each file name while creating the initial text file


This is a batch file command and I would like to be appended before the each file names. eg:


The code I'm using is



for /r . %%g in (*.sql) do echo %myvar% %%~nxg >> D:\test.txt


Out put I'm getting

sqlcmd -S  -d  -i 015_ALTER_vBOARD_PAPERS.sql 

Let me know how to tackle this

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what is MSSQLSERVER_NAME and MSSQLSERVER_DBNAME? Variable or string? – Endoro May 4 '13 at 18:50
Those are variables which I'm planning to use in the 2nd batch file. Its for Server name and database name. Those two will be replaced by the actual server and database when I run my batch file to execute scripts. – Vinayak Prabha May 4 '13 at 19:06
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set myvar=sqlcmd -S %%MSSQLSERVER_NAME%% -d %%MSSQLSERVER_DBNAME%% -i

should cure your problem - % escapes %

note that spaces ARE significant in variable names, so set var = somethingwill set var[space] to [space]something

set %varname%=... is rare -it sets the variablename (contents of varname).

Even more rare to have unbalanced %... not sure that will work at all...

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