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I'm looking through angularjs examples, I've found this example:

// This is a module for cloud persistance in mongolab - https://mongolab.com
angular.module('mongolab', ['ngResource']).
factory('Project', function($resource) {
  var Project = $resource('https://api.mongolab.com/api/1/databases' +
      { apiKey: '4f847ad3e4b08a2eed5f3b54' }, {
        update: { method: 'PUT' }

  Project.prototype.update = function(cb) {
    return Project.update({id: this._id.$oid},
        angular.extend({}, this, {_id:undefined}), cb);

  Project.prototype.destroy = function(cb) {
    return Project.remove({id: this._id.$oid}, cb);

  return Project;

I don't want using magic string static resource such as https://api.mongolab.com/api/1/databases/angularjs/collections/projects/:id, instead I would like to have it defined on server and later passed into the module. My question is, how do you parametrize module, i.e. how do you pass a javascript variable into the module from outside?

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Maybe this one could inspire you doing it stackoverflow.com/questions/16339595/… –  kfis May 4 '13 at 20:54
I'll try defining my config module in View file, thanks –  Lu4 May 4 '13 at 21:14

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