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I have three dropdown boxes on a Main_Form. I will add the chosen content into three fields on the form, Form_Applications.

These three lines are added :

Form_Applications.Classification = Form_Main_Form.Combo43.Value  
Form_Applications.Countryname_Cluster = Form_Main_Form.Combo56.Value  
Form_Applications.Application = Form_Main_Form.Combo64.Value

The first two work perfectly but the last one gives error code 438!

I can enter in the immediate window :

Form_Applications.Classification = "what ever"  
Form_Applications.Countryname_Cluster = "what ever"  

but not for the third line. Then, after enter, the Object doesn't support this property or method error appears.

I didn't expect this error as I do exactly the same as in the first two lines. Can you please help or do you need more info ?

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Form_Applications.Application is referring to the application itself. It is not a field, so therefore it is not assignable (at least with a string).

You really haven't provided enough code to draw any real conclusions though. But looking at what you have posted, you definitely need to rethink your approach.

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Form_Applications is the database and behind the dot are the fields in that database. So – Henk Barkhof May 3 '13 at 19:58
Form_Applications is the database and behind the dot are the fields in that database. So .Classification is a field , .Countryname_Cluster is another. .Application is the which does not work. The other 2 are working as expected. These 3 fields should be filled with the values of the 3 dropdown-boxes as soon as one is entering something in one of the other fields. – Henk Barkhof May 3 '13 at 20:06

In VBA Application is a special word and should not be used to address fields.

FormName.Application will return an object that points to the application instance that is running that form as opposed to an object within that form.

From the Application object you can do all sorts of other things such as executing external programs and other application level stuff like saving files/

Rename your Application field to something else, perhaps ApplicationCombo and change your line of code to match the new name. After doing this the code should execute as you expect.

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Thanks Mokubai. So the name "Application" is reserved and may not be used as a fieldname ? Never expected this. Going to try this Monday , Thanks again ! Henk. – Henk Barkhof May 4 '13 at 9:14

It's to say definitely but you are not doing the same. It looks like you are reading a ComboBox value the same (I will assume Combo64 is the same as 43 and 56) but my guess is that what you are assigning that value to is the problem:

Form_Applications.Application =

Application is not assignable. Is there another field you meant to use there?

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