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I have a GtkScale and I'd like it to only fire value-changed events when mouse button is release, i.e. not while you're dragging the scale around.

In GTK+ 2, there was a function called gtk_range_set_update_policy which could be called with:

gtk_range_set_update_policy(scale, GTK_UPDATE_DISCONTINUOUS)

But that function has been removed. Any idea on how to do this with GTK+ 3?

(The project I'm working on is in Python with PyGObject, but answers in C or (most) other languages is ok.)

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Then why not connect to button-release-event instead? You can get the value in the button-release-event callback and perform the operation you did in the value-change callback –  another.anon.coward May 4 '13 at 20:19
Thanks anon! That's a good suggestion. But I still want to get a signal when the value has been changed through other means, i.e. by keyboard actions. I'd rather not reimplement all the GtkScale functionality in a key-press event... –  skagedal May 4 '13 at 20:59

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Oh, I got it now. Pretty obvious now that I know what to do. Thanks to anonymous who pointed my in the right direction!

On button-press-event, I set a flag that avoids my value-change code (actually I switched to use the change-value event instead). On button-release-event I unset it. Obvious. :-)

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