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I'm fairly new to Leaflet (and stackoverflow) and I've been trying to get a choropleth to show up on my map. I have a basic leaflet map that currently shows up, but when I try to get my geoJson to display, I get thrown an error.

var map;
window.onload = initialize();

function initialize(){

function setMap() {
    map = L.map('map').setView([45, -90], 7);

    var layer = L.tileLayer('http://{s}.acetate.geoiq.com/tiles/acetate/{z}/{x}/{y}.png',{
    attribution: 'Acetate tileset from GeoIQ',

var myLayer = L.geoJson().addTo(map);

"counties" refers to the name of my geoJson file that I created. Do I need to style it in anyway for it to show up?

Any help would be great appreciated.


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A sample works fine for me jsfiddle.net/IrvinDominin/h6BuT can you provide your counties json data? –  Irvin Dominin May 5 '13 at 9:29
What error gets thrown? –  flup May 5 '13 at 10:09
I was able to figure it out. In my HTML, I was calling the main.js before declaring the geoJson, so it wasn't able to define the geoJson at all. –  BDD May 6 '13 at 16:19

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In case you are wondering about additional info on this map. Try this: http://leafletjs.com/examples/choropleth.html

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