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I am trying to implement omniauth twitter to authenticate user using twitter in my application. When I try to "login with twitter", It takes me to "Authorize App" twitter page. When I click "Authorize App" button, It tries to redirect me to my app and shows me as as already logged user in twitter.( as I am already logged in twitter in another tab of my browser). But then I display me registration page without persisting username. I am following Ryan devise with omniauth. How to persist username when log in with twitter. Please suggest me.

I have attached my application code on below link.

app code

Please let me know if you need more code to be pasted.

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I had the same problem. Devise is looking for an email. Can't be persisted without.

You can :
- change the email field null=>true using a migration
- generate a dummy email when provider is twitter

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