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I have built an app in PHP which implements a data mining algorithm across a db. I am already using caching for all my db calls in APC, and believe the code is pretty well optimized. The problem really lies in that the growth of the necessary computation is exponential, so at some point, PHP chokes.

I have up'ed the memory limit and enabled nginx FastCGI timeout to a large time, but at some point, the calculations seem to be too much.

For this project, my app will cut it. But where should I look next for when I need serious computation? I assume Python for it's multi-threaded capabilities? The app would be a great candidate for parallelism because I have a large array of data to be processed, and each node can be computed individually.

What would be some good "web based" solutions for such an app? i.e. The response would be an HTML document, but the server side language would be something more robust.

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That really depends on how you're processing the database. –  Blender May 4 '13 at 20:35
Where exactly is the bottleneck? If it is CPU-bound, then perhaps you need to transfer your algorithm to a lower-level language. You could write a PHP module that offers functions written in C, which could hugely speed things up. However if you are disk or database bound, it is possible that you cannot speed up your slow algorithm. You could first try faster disks, or writing intermediate results to in-memory disks/databases. Failing all that, change your UI to work around an async process, i.e. with a job server. –  halfer May 4 '13 at 21:00