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javascript: alert();

This will work in a page already opened like 'http://example.com' but not from a blank page.

I have a code that want user to input 'e example' on the address bar using keyword search 'e' to execute JavaScript function 'abc(example)' like that

javascript: search='%s';if(window.location.host=='example.com'){abc(search);}else{window.location='http://example.com/'+search};

so if the current domain is example.com, then it will run some ajax function in the page to reduce server load, if not then it will simply go to a page on example.com.

The script works in

  • Safari everywhere
  • IE, Chrome, Opera, FF Opened page
  • (although ff disable JavaScript on address bar, but bookmarklet is still usable)

The script does not work in

  • IE New Tab, Chrome New Tab, Opera Speeddial

it seem like in a blank page the window object is not even created so i can't set the url of it, any thought?

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You are correct. I've noticed the exact same thing for a very similar reason. That is just the way things are. Only way around is to create an extension/addon.

IIRC, bookmarklets will work in Chrome's about:blank, but to use about:blank as your default new tab requires an extension.

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Well, if its has to go to extension/addon. I'd rather use example.com/%s to waste my bandwidth. –  aptx May 7 '13 at 22:01
Sure, if that is an option for you, makes sense. Although I personally like a blank tab for Chrome in any case. BTW, if you don't mind, please accept my answer by clicking the check mark next to it. –  DG. May 8 '13 at 18:19
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