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I have Chrome configured as my default browser, on Mountain Lion.

At the end of my Python 2.7.4 program I have the following:

import webbrowser

Sometimes instead of opening the tab as the documentation suggests will happen this command will focus Google Chrome, without opening the URL in a new tab.

I'm not even sure where to start debugging this (there are no errors on the Python side, at least). I'd appreciate some ideas about where to start looking.

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It looks like there's Chrome specific code in the webbrowser 2.7 source code:


However when I opened the Python file on my computer, it was running an earlier version of the webbrowser.py source code, without the Chrome specific flags.

I updated the source code on my system with the latest code (from the website) and it's running in Chrome without any problems.

It's also been fixed in Python 3.3, I am assured.

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