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How Can i force one Mootools ToolTip (Tip) to Open?



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you can try by firing the trigger event on the element that the tip is attached to.

for example - if you have

<a href="#" id="gethelp" class="tip" rel="Click here to sign in through facebook">what's this?</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
// domready etc. 
var myTips = new Tips('a.tip');

// force the gethelp one up:


you may be able to do myTips.show(element); also although the whole concept is flawed:

mootools tooltips are basically following your mouse around as you mouseover an element. as such, they are event driven and the tooltips are pre-built in the vicinity of the target element. by showing one without the mouseenter event, it will look a bit odd...

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