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Is there a way to get an elements rotation value using the raphaeljs library? I'm sure there is but I can't find it anywhere in the documentation. I imagine its goes something like this .attr('rotation') but this doesn't work.

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Use the Element.transform() function to get the current transformation data as well as to set it.

You probably already know that element.transform(tstring) sets the transform data, including rotation.

To get that data back from Raphael, simply call element.transform() without any parameters:

tstring = element.transform();`

Hope that helps.

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Cool thanks! The rotation value was nested in an array so to get at it I did this: var rotation = element.transform()[0][1]; –  7immy May 5 '13 at 13:03

Here are four ways I've found to get a Raphaël element's rotation value:


Specific outputs differ based on previously applied transformations.

  • If no transformation has yet been applied, the first two will throw 'cannot read property of undefined' errors, the second will log -0, and the fourth will log undefined.

  • If a previous transformation between -90° and 269.999° (inclusive) has been applied, all four log that transformation (though the third will be off by a few decimals, and the fourth will be followed by 0,0).

  • If a previous transformation outside the above range has been applied, the first two log that complete transformation, and the second two log a value relative to and less than 360° (and again, the third will be off by a few decimals, and the fourth will be followed by 0,0).

  • If multiple transformations have been applied to the element, these get pushed onto the array that's accessed by the first two, and thus the first bracket-notation index would need to be adjusted accordingly (or it will only log the first rotation applied, not the sum of all rotations).

SANDBOX: http://codepen.io/janaspage/pen/vbGfi





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