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I have nested set table like this (partially shown):

  • ROOT
    • Boats
    • ATV
      • Sport
      • Utility
      • Youth
    • Motorcycle
    • Outboard Motors
    • Side x Side
    • Snowmobiles
    • WaveRunners
    • Generator

I have Propel working under Symfony2 but I can not figure out how using the Propel Bridge and the the Propel generated Modal how to get the children of a specific branch.

I have tried many combinations of different commands and queries with little results.

$rootNode = ProductLineQuery::create()->findRoot();
$children = $rootNode->getBranch(array('name' => 'ATV'));

Desired result should be that $children contains an array of ProductLine objects as follows:

  • Sport
  • Utility
  • Youth

As these three fall under the "ATV" branch under the "ROOT" in my table example above.

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