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I'm working on a App where I need to implement full text search on an ePub file. One of the ways I thought of implementing is reading the whole text of an ePub file and pushing it in SQLite db and then use SQLite for Full text search. But I'm struggling to find an library to read the complete text of an ePub file or one which implements full text search.I would really appreciate if someone has done it or knows some library which can help me in implementing this. iOS has an library named locayta but I'm not able to find anything for Android. Please help!

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Try Apache Tika to extract plain text, then index the text using Apache Lucene.

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Create an html file from all html files in the package.

Get only the stuff between body tags and put each of them in a <div itemref="itemid">content</div>. itemid is the id of the page's entry in the OPF file. This is done to be able to know what page your search matches are in.

Then load the html file you created in a hidden WebView and search with javascript, or use regex on the string without loading it on webview or use sımething like lucene as Gili suggested.

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