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I've written an Xtext-based plugin for some language. I'm now interested in creating a new independent view (as a separate plugin, though it requires my first plugin), which will interact with the currently-active DSL document - and specifically, interact with the model Xtext parsed (I think it's called the Ecore model?). How do I approach this?

I saw I can get an instance of XtextEditor if I do something like this when initializing my view:

getSite().getPage().addPartListener(new MyListener());

And then, in MyListener, override partActivated and partInputChanged to get an IWorkbenchPartReference, which is a reference to the XtextEditor. But what do I do from here? Is this even the right approach to this problem? Should I instead use some notification functionality from the Xtext side?

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Found it out! First, you need an actual document:

IXtextDocument doc = editor.getDocument();

Then, if you want to access the model:

doc.modify(new IUnitOfWork.Void<XtextResource>() { // Can also use just IUnitOfWork
    @Override public void process(XtextResource state) throws Exception {

And if you want to get live updates whenever it changes:

doc.addModelListener(new IXtextModelListener() {
    @Override public void modelChanged(XtextResource resource) {
        for (EObject model : resource.getContent()) {
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