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I'm working with k-means in MATLAB. Here is my code:

load cobat.txt;  % read the file

k=input('Enter a number: ');        % determine the number of cluster
isRand=0;   % 0 -> sequeantial initialization
            % 1 -> random initialization

[maxRow, maxCol]=size(cobat);
if maxRow<=k, 
    y=[m, 1:maxRow];
    % initial value of centroid
    if isRand,
        p = randperm(size(cobat,1));      % random initialization
        for i=1:k
            c(i,:)=cobat(p(i),:) ; 
        for i=1:k
           c(i,:)=cobat(i,:);        % sequential initialization

    temp=zeros(maxRow,1);   % initialize as zero vector
    while 1,
        d=DistMatrix3(cobat,c);   % calculate the distance 
        [z,g]=min(d,[],2);      % set the matrix g group

        if g==temp,             % if the iteration doesn't change anymore
            break;              % stop the iteration
            temp=g;             % copy the matrix to the temporary variable
        for i=1:k
            if f                % calculate the new centroid 


"cobat" is the file of mine. Here it looks:

65  80  55
45  75  78
36  67  66
65  78  88
79  80  72
77  85  65
76  77  79
65  67  88
85  76  88
56  76  65

"c" is the variable of centroid (the central of the cluster) per each cluster. "g" is the variable to show the cluster number. The problem is, I want to sort/fit the cluster number (small to big) based on the centroid (c). So, I try to sort(c), but it doesn't affect to the cluster number (g).

When I try to sort(g), it's sorted just not like what I want. I want the cluster number is sorted based on the centroid. Example; when I run the code with k=3, here is the final centroid

 73.0000   79.0000   70.6667 %C 1
 58.3333   73.3333   84.6667 %C 2
 36.0000   67.0000   66.0000 %C 3

When I sort it, the number cluster is also "sorted",

36.0000   67.0000   66.0000 %C 3
58.3333   73.3333   70.6667 %C 2
73.0000   79.0000   84.6667 %C 1

I want it the number cluster is fit, like this.

36.0000   67.0000   66.0000 %C 1
58.3333   73.3333   70.6667 %C 2
73.0000   79.0000   84.6667 %C 3

It's fit, not sorted, so when this line 'y=[cobat,g]' is run, it changes too.

This seems easy, but tricky. I couldn't figure out. Anyone have any idea to solve it?

Thank you.

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Use the sorted indices returned from sort or sortrow

[B,index] = sortrows( c );  % sort the centroids
g = g(index); % arrange the labels based on centroids' order
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Thank you for the answer. Where do I put that script? I put it after this line: sort(c), it's error. I try another place (before y=[cobat,g] line), it's getting error for the same thing: ??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions. Error in ==> clustere at 49 c = c(index); Your answer will be so helpful and appreciated a lot. :) –  Alvi Syahrin May 5 '13 at 9:22
these lines should replace the sorting you are currently doing. if you are using sort rather than sortrows than use [g index] = sort(g); c = c(index); –  Shai May 5 '13 at 9:27
thank you again for the answer. :) i have tried, the error is still the same: ??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions. Error in ==> clustere at 47 c = c(index); It said "exceeds matrix dimension". My file has 3 dimension, so how to make that code fit in to 3 dimension? :) –  Alvi Syahrin May 5 '13 at 9:52
@AlviSyahrin run in debug and see what is the size of index. Could it be that you sort the centroids not be row? –  Shai May 5 '13 at 11:24
I have sortrows(), but it's just the same. Remember that I want the cluster number (g) is sorted based on the centroid (c) position. So, when y=[cobat,g] is run, it doesn't have to be sorted. I want the cluster number is fit the position the centroid. You have any idea? –  Alvi Syahrin May 6 '13 at 4:01

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