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I am a beginner programmer.

I want to use MinGW to develop C and C++ programs for Windows.

I have taken a basic C programming course which taught how to use Visual C++ 2010 Express.

But I want to use open source programming tools instead of Microsoft's tools.

There are 3 websites which provide installers for MinGW.

Which of these is best for a beginner to use ?

Edit: I decided to install the latest MinGW from

How do I install pkg-config and should I install MSYS ?

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If I were beginner programmer, I better took care about build system (make, ld, pkg-config), rather than compiler itself. – user2008074 May 5 '13 at 12:20
I would just go with any MinGW version shipped by a decent IDE like Code::Blocks, it should be reasonably recent and working (and you also get an IDE). – Matteo Italia May 6 '13 at 0:29

I prefer MinGW-builds and MinGW Distro

In my experience current version of tdm-gcc (tdm-gcc-4.7.1-2) has many bugs and you'll need many patches (strings, threads, ...) choose between other choices.

Another choice is the MinGW beside Qt package which is tested well, but the version is not the most recent.

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Out of those, I like nuwen, but in all fairness, I think the best beginner C program to use is lcc-win

You can find it here.

Hope this helps

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