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I have made an App based on Worklight Consumer Edition 5.0.5 and have done Push Notification.

As Apple has recently said to not accept new Apps that are using UDIDs.

I think Worklight is using UDIDs.

I want to now, Will Apple accept my App for App Store? or what i have to do now?

Do i have to upgrade App on 5.0.6 ? and it will help?

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IBM Worklight does not make use of UDIDs in general, and more specifically - UDIDs are not used for Push Notifications, rather a device token is.

In addition, version contains further changes to make Worklight even more compatible with Apple's App Store guidelines; it is a recommended ugprade.

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this is good, Thanks. Actually in the device logs i had seen UDID prefix and numbers that's why assumed Worklight is using it. – AAhad May 5 '13 at 14:52

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