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I can't seem to add these event listeners at page load reliably. Some of the listeners work from the beginning, but others only work after a few clicks. What might be wrong? Could the problem be that I'm mixing native JS with jQuery?

$(document).ready(function() {

function resetValidation() {

function resetFormFields() {

function removeValidationClasses() {

function changeHeaderToAdd() {
  document.getElementById('contactModalLabel').innerText = 'Add Contact';

function changeHeaderToUpdate() {
  document.getElementById('contactModalLabel').innerText = 'Update Contact';

function clearContactId() {
  document.getElementById('contactId').value = '';

  var ab = document.getElementById('addContactBtn');
  if (ab.addEventListener) {
    ab.addEventListener('click', resetValidation, false);
    ab.addEventListener('click', resetFormFields, false);
    ab.addEventListener('click', removeValidationClasses, false);
    ab.addEventListener('click', changeHeaderToAdd, false);
    ab.addEventListener('click', clearContactId, false);
  } else {
    ab.attachEvent('onclick', resetValidation);
    ab.attachEvent('onclick', resetFormFields);
    ab.attachEvent('onclick', removeValidationClasses);
    ab.attachEvent('onclick', changeHeaderToAdd);
    ab.attachEvent('onclick', clearContactId);
  var ub = document.getElementById('updateContactBtn');
  if (ub.addEventListener) {
    ub.addEventListener('click', resetValidation, false);
    ub.addEventListener('click', resetFormFields, false);
    ub.addEventListener('click', removeValidationClasses, false);
    ub.addEventListener('click', changeHeaderToUpdate, false);
  } else {
    ub.attachEvent('onclick', resetValidation);
    ub.attachEvent('onclick', resetFormFields);
    ub.attachEvent('onclick', removeValidationClasses);
    ub.attachEvent('onclick', changeHeaderToUpdate);
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But why are you mixing them up in the first place? You can reduce quite some code if you use jQuery throughout. – techfoobar May 5 '13 at 12:48
Well mixing JS and jQuery is fairly safe sans maybe a library causing conflicts with the $ operator which you could try calling noconflict but that does not really seem to be the problem. Which events are the problem childs? Also what @techfoobar said. – Nomad101 May 5 '13 at 12:48

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The JS was fine. However, since #updateContactBtn was created dynamically (one for each contact on the page), the problem was caused by the presence of nonunique id's. Only the first instance of #updateContactBtn worked.

I changed #updateContactBtn to .updateContactBtn.

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