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Following the scikit-learn tutorial here, if we have a Pandas.DataFrame that has a column named colors, how can we create a loop to loop through all of the DataFrame's columns (or a list containing the required columns) so that all categorial variables (eg. variable colors that can have values blue, red, purple) will be replaced by len(colors) number of dummy variable columns colors#blue, colors#red, colors#purple?

Just learnt python, so I'll write my idea in some psuedo code.

Attempt (psuedo code)

cols_to_process = ['colors']

# Create new columns for dummy variables
// if listings.keyname in cols_to_process:
    // unique_values = list of unique values in listings[col]
    // listings = listings.join(unique_values, axis=1)

# Populate dummy variable columns

# Remove old columns that have dummy variable columns created
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You can use the pandas.get_dummies function to do that:

>>> import pandas as pd
>>> pd.get_dummies(listings['color'], 'color')
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So if I understand you have a column that has values of a bunch of colors and you want to change those values all to the length of that column? This will do that:

df['column_name'] = len(df['column_name'])

If that's not what you want, please make your question more clear

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