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I have started working on a todo list application in php. I haven't worked on relational database earlier so i am confused about the structure of my database. I want to keep it simple.

This is my plan:

  • Users U_id, username, password, email

  • Tasks t_id, task_name, description, u_id reference users table

  • Lists l_id, list_name, ?

My main cause of confusion is

  1. How to connect lists and tasks? //each user will be able to create multiple lists e.g.- Home, personal, office, Home work etc.

  2. What is the best way to connect users and list? //each user can have multiple lists with multiple tasks, so how to manage this.

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Use a framework with an ORM, e.g. symfony.com –  Denis May 5 '13 at 13:28
I can use ORM at any time but a programmer should be able to do such kind of stuff without the use of framework. –  Mohit May 5 '13 at 13:47
Fair point. A programmer would also know to look for an SQL tutorial... (And, fwiw, the question reads like homework from a 1st-year CS student. If that is your case, I'd renew my suggestion: learn to do this stuff using an ORM, then dive into the gory details and understand what's underneath.) –  Denis May 5 '13 at 13:52

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To know all the tasks in a list you need a relation table if a task can belong to one or more list.

  • Users U_id, username, password, email //a user can have zero or one or many lists

  • Tasks t_id, task_name, description // a task can belong to zero or one or many lists

  • Lists L_id, list_name, U_id // a list can belong to one and only one User

  • Lists_Tasks t_id, L_id // a task can belong to one or more list

to get all the tasks form a list

JOIN Lists_Tasks AS L_T ON T.t_id = L_T.t_id
WHERE L_T.l_id = id_from_the_list

to get all the Lists from a User

SELECT * FROM Lists WHERE U_id = id_of_user
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  1. n:m relation table: which list is connected with a task
  2. each list can have a u_Id field. When more than one user can have the same list then do n:m relation, too

example for n:m relation:

list_task_relation: list_id, task_id

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Keep a U_id is your Lists table.

Also, keep a l_id in your Tasks table

Read MySQL Tutorial before you go forward.

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