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I want to automate the following interaction using Tcl/expect, the script start and do nothing the expect command can not expect all the output of a command


set timeout 10
set user username1
set password password@123

spawn  ssh $user@
expect "Password:"
send "$password\r"
expect eof
send "cv mk ghassan-test-5\r"
sleep 45
expect "ok" { send "cv set ghassan-test-5\r" }
sleep 20
expect -gl "Ok" { send "cv rbset ghassan-test-5\r" }
expect eof
sleep 20
expect -gl "Ok" { send "cv ls\r" }
sleep 10
expect eof
send "exit\r

the send "cv mk ghassan-test-5\r" command runs with output as below

$ cv mk ghassan-test-4
Please wait while database is writing to disk.
Writing the database file can take minutes...

the next command didnot run and didnot expect the "ok"

expect "ok" { send "cv set ghassan-test-5\r" }

but if i expect minutes it runs

expect "minutes" { send "cv set ghassan-test-5\r" }

the "ok" output takes one min to show

please any one have the same problem please help me

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Maybe you should increase the timeout? –  Donal Fellows May 5 '13 at 14:58

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expect "somepattern" {somecommands} "anotherpattern" {othercommands} will only run one of the scripts if you receive the corresponding pattern before a timeout. If a timeout occurs and you have no script for it, nothing will be executed. Set timeout to -1 to wait indefinitely, or do something like this:

set timeout 300
expect {
  "ok" {
    send "cv set ghassan-test-5\r"
  timeout {
    error "This is taking too long!"

None of those solutions will handle an unexpected EOF. You should probably add a pattern script for that too. http://www.tcl.tk/man/expect5.31/expect.1.html

PS: I think that your sleep commands are unneccessary, and your expect eof commands too (they're probably just timing out).

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