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I am using jpcap for packet sniffing. In wire shark we have fields named "No", "Time", "Source", "Destination", "protocol", "Length", "Info". I am able to extract all the fields using jpcap except for info fields. Can anyone tell me how to extract this field?

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Can anyone tell me how to extract this field?

  1. Download Wireshark.
  2. Read the source to everything in the dissectors subdirectory of the epan directory and in the subdirectories of the plugins directory.
  3. Reimplement all of that in your program.


More seriously, the "Info" field is not something that's calculated in a simple fashion from the packet contents; it's produced by Wireshark's packet dissection code, of which there are several million lines. It's not something you "extract"; it's something you write dissectors to produce, and duplicating that part of Wireshark would be a difficult job.

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