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I need to log into site: my mobile provider and fetch some data.

They use SAML. I'm unable to do this using CURL or Selenium. Any ideas what shoud i do/check?

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Do you really need to integrate with the underlaying SAML, if its just your standard username/password on the login page, you kan just input the credentials using selenium. Or am I not seeing the problem right? is it a awebservice your accessing? – Stefan Rasmusson May 5 '13 at 21:07

AFAIK, neither cURL or Selenium has an inbuilt SAML stack.

So you would either have to add a "plug-in" using something like OpenSAML or send a "hard-coded" SAML message.

The problem with the latter is that SAML is very strict re. the time elapsed between send / receive so the time in the message would have to reflect current time.

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