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I use recursive function to do something

public async void walk(StorageFolder folder)
   IReadOnlyList<StorageFolder> subDirs = null;
   subDirs = await folder.GetFoldersAsync();
   foreach (var subDir in subDirs)
      var dirPath = new Profile() { FolderPath = subDir.Path};
   tbOut.Text = "Done!";

So, I want that tbOut.Text = "Done!"; will be done only after all iterations ends. At now it's happenning at the same time while iterations under process. If I run this function like that

tbOut.Text = "Done!";

the result still the same. How to wait when this function will ends completely?

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You don't await the completion of your sub-calls to your walk function. So all you have to do is change it to await walk(subDir). However, since you can't await a void function you'll have to change it a bit to make it work. To make your walk function awaitable change the return type to Task like so:

public async Task walk(StorageFolder folder)
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Indeed, you should almost never have a void async method... they're basically only present to allow event handlers to be asynchronous. –  Jon Skeet May 5 '13 at 15:28
Thanx! That works! –  splash27 May 5 '13 at 15:36

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