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Taking a procedure such as

function c(a,b)
  integer,parameter        :: dp=kind(2.0e0) 
  real(kind=dp),intent(in) :: a,b
  real(kind=dp)            :: c
end function

Is there a way to call the same funcion in the same program with diferents kinds??. For example:

program help
  integer,parameter    :: sp=kind(2.0d0),dp=kind(2.0e0) 
  print *, c(2.0_dp,3.0_dp)
  print *, c(2.0_sp,3.0_sp)
end program

I know that I can write again the function c using sp parameters and give an interface that hide the two in one, but I'm looking for a solution that don't need to create another function... may be just modify the existing one?. Thanks!!.

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Your kinds are mixed up. –  milancurcic May 6 '13 at 4:32
Why is this tagged "Deferred"? Am I missing something? –  Beetroot-Beetroot May 6 '13 at 12:00
There are mixed because that was my question. I forget the "??" symbols so I edit to add them and correct the sentence: Is there a way to call the same funcion in the same program with diferents kinds??. For example: –  alexis May 13 '13 at 15:03
With "Deferred" I refer to the mechanism that a process can to know implicitly the size of an array: subroutine pp(a); real(a) :: a(:); print *, size(a); end. I extract the word from Fortran 2003 standar. –  alexis May 13 '13 at 15:11

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No, there is no way to write a function that accepts arguments of the different kinds of real (or any of the other intrinsics). As you already know, the standard way to write code which is kind-indifferent is to write implementations for each of the kinds you are concerned with and to wrap them in an interface.

You could, if you prefer something more kludgy, write a routine for low-precision kinds which wraps a call to the matching routine for high-precision kinds and incorporates some kind adjustment. Personally I prefer the interface route to this.

Finally, you may well find that your compiler allows you to get away with passing arguments of the wrong kind to a routine, performing some automatic kind adjustment behind the scenes. This is non-standard and likely to be non-portable.

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