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How to attach scrollbar widget to frame? I tryied to do this like with other widgets like text or entry but I've got error.

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Use the Scrolled constructor part of the tk.

Read up on it here


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Thank you, I read about it and it is useful but I can't find Tk::Scrolled in cpan for my perl. Is there any other method? –  user1720753 May 5 '13 at 17:12

You might want to try Tk::Pane.

Tk::Pane provides a scrollable frame widget. Once created it can be treated as a frame, except it is scrollable.

Note: Tk::Scrolled is part of the standard Tk distribution. Did you try to use it like this (untested)?

my $scrolled_frame = $parent->Scrolled('Frame', -scrollbars => 'se')->pack;
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