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I have an xml file with about 300 lines and 10 namespaces. I have also the schemaLocation of the "beginning" xsd file of my xml document. It is somewhere online. That one schema file includes/references other schema files and provides information where to find them.

I would like to validate my xml file against the xsd schema.

How do i get/download all those schema files to my desktop? Every namespace has its own schema file. Can i somehow grab them all or do i really need to hunt down every and each schema for every and each namespace?

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You don't say it explicitly, but your question suggests that you want to download all the schema documents relevant to your XML instance because you want to validate your document, and because you think that having the schema documents on your desktop is a prerequisite for validating with them.

Having local copies of schema documents is not a prerequisite for validating against them; all general-purpose XSD validators can read schema documents from URIs. Point your validator at your instance and at the 'beginning' schema document, and go.

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I would also like to show someone all those xsd files. Another point: i would like to validate an xml with c# or java. –  Gero May 7 '13 at 9:18
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