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I have a number of mappers that look like this:

mapper(Photo,photo_table, properties = { "locale": relation(PhotoContent, uselist=False, primaryjoin=and_(photo_content_table.c.photoId == photo_table.c.id, photo_content_table.c.locale == get_lang()), foreign_keys=[photo_content_table.c.photoId, photo_content_table.c.locale])

I have deployed in Pylons, the so the get_lang() function should return either "en" or "es" based on the current session.

from pylons.i18n import get_lang

The problem is that SA compiles that "locale" relation with the result returned by get_lang() at compile time. So if I do something like this:


The relation does not call get_lang(). It just uses whatever the value of get_lang() was at compile time.

Anyone have any ideas how to implement SQLAlchemy eagerloaders that are dynamic? This would be a lifesaver for me!

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The relation statements gets executed when the class is loaded, which means every function call gets evaluated.

Try passing the function instead:

and_(photo_content_table.c.photoId == photo_table.c.id, photo_content_table.c.locale == get_lang)

Note the missing parenthesis. It now should get evaluated whenever the relation gets queried.

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You sir, have just made my day much better. Thank you kindly. –  Tony Oct 28 '09 at 17:56
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