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I want to fit data:


To the following model:

model = H0*(1 - (1/Kstab*Log10[10^10*H0/(2*Kstab*x)])^0.5);

I am using:

   model, {{H0, 6000}, {Kstab, 100}}, x];

Mathematica gives me the following solution:


However, if I try the fitting in Microcal Origin, I get : HZero=6441, and Kstab=139, which is in fact the good solution.

Please, would you have suggestions on how to get better solution in Mathematica? Thanks.

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Why is the second fit better ?

model[x_] = H0*(1 - (1/Kstab*Log10[10^10*H0/(2*Kstab*x)])^0.5);
sol = FindFit[data, model[x], {{H0, 6000}, {Kstab, 100}}, x];

model1[x_] = model[x] /. sol;
model2[x_] = model[x] /. {H0 -> 6441., Kstab -> 139.};

The residuals are :

Total[(#[[2]] - model1[#[[1]]])^2 & /@ data]
(* 75.0659 *)

Total[(#[[2]] - model2[#[[1]]])^2 & /@ data]
(* 4.15003*10^6 *)

Graphically :

Show[Plot[{model1[x], model2[x]}, {x, 30, 7500}], ListPlot[data]]


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Curious. I wonder why the OP said "which is in fact the good solution." –  belisarius May 6 '13 at 12:42

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